[SOLVED] Motherboard ports (USB, VGA, HDMI, etc.) not working

Jul 23, 2019
Hey lads, here is my problem I have recently built a custom PC and installed all of my parts. As far as I can tell all of the components are working my case fans, CPU fan, and the onboard fan on my GPU all are running. As well as the ability to turn on the computer using the power button and the LED associated with it, but as I said the USB ports are not powering my keyboard, as well as the HDMI and the VGA which I attempted to plug into a brand new monitor with 'no signal' messages. Before anyone asks yes the keyboard works and I have unplugged and replugged every single power cable that goes from the motherboard to the Power supply.

The computer has never booted and no OS is installed due to the previous problems explained.

1660ti Nvidia Graphics Card
ASRock 365 Pro 4 Motherboard
Corsair CX550 Powersupply
Intel i5 9400F Processor

(all parts are new less than 1 month old)
The I5 9400f has no integrated graphics. This means no video outputs from the motherboard will function.

You will need to plug your monitor into the back of the 1660ti to get the system to work as expected.

The -F means no integrated/motherboard graphics.