Motherboard possibly fried! help needed!


Dec 8, 2011
So here's the deal. I tried adding a USB adapter into my computer (adds
2 extra USB ports) so I can have more ports for USB devices. So I
stupidly replaced my audio pin connector with my USB adapter pin
connector. So I had a USB pin connector where the audio is and I moved
the audio to a different connector somewhere else, which I am not sure
of the name. But in the process I bumped around many cables that were
connected in the bottom right of my motherboard (750i evga) where the
power button cables are. I booted up my comp and it's got past startup
and I sat on the desktop waiting for my programs to load. Then I heard
a static noise as if someone were scrapping there nails against the
case and the computer completely shut down as if hitting off the
powersupply. I then got a small wiff of a smokey smell as if something
were burnt, and I smelled around and the smell is extremely strong
around the bottom right of the motherboard. The computer would not
start up since I smelled the smokey smell. When I unplug the powercable
so the machine has no power it instantly rids of the smell, but when
the cable is plugged back in and the motherboard recieves the power the
smell comes back. (I know the motherboard is getting power because the
lights on the motherboard come on when the computer is plugged in) I am
honestly scared to mess with it due to the fact of harming stuff. I
just want to know what happened, what I can do, how to prevent it, and
if need be what to replace first? Thank you! All help is appreciated!