Question Motherboard power cable looks melted, not sure what to do next


Jul 4, 2019
I’m building a server with a SuperMicro motherboard, 2 sticks of ECC ram, and a Xeon CPU. I just got all the components in, but when I turned it on, something wasn’t right.
The BMC led was blinking green and normal, but the power led wasn’t on at all and the CPU fan wasn’t spinning. So I shut it off and looked around for issues.
  • I noticed that one of the plastic bits on the side of one of the RAM slots that was in all the way wasn’t clicked down all the way, so I pushed that down and made sure it was in all the way. Check.
  • I was also absolutely certain that the CPU was mounted correctly, because I triple checked as I was building it. Another check.
  • Then I looked at the power cable that connects to the motherboard. It was pretty hard to get out, but when I finally did I saw that one of the corners of the plastic connector was melted. I then looked at the plastic connector on the motherboard and thankfully, it looked perfectly fine.
  • I’m not sure if the cable was like this before I put it in, but I do remember having a hard time getting it in and not hearing a click. I also only had it on for a couple minutes at most, and I'm not sure if it's even possible for it to melt that quickly.
Any suggestions as to what could be wrong or what I should do next?

Here’s what the melted cable looks like:
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