Question Motherboard power indicating LED light doesnt turn on...thus thr PC doesnt turn on


Jul 7, 2019
So i usually dont unplug the pc from power and its always on all the time(not booted up but always connected to the wall socket and the switch of the socket is always turned on).
Its been a week since this happened and ive tried my best to do everything but after no luck i came here

I used my pc till 1am on Saturday last week and then when i turned it on the other day it didnt turn on.(not even the chasis fans,cpu fans,keyboard light and rgb fans dont light up. the gpu dossnt run,nothing runs at all). My ASUS motherboard only has a "power indicator" on it which used to stay on all the time when i booted the pc and even when its only connected to power but this time its blinking continuously.( It only indicates if the mobo is getting powerb or not)


Ryzen 3 1200

Asus prime a320mk motherboard

zotac 1060 3gb

corsair 300mhz 8 gb 1 stick ram

cooler master 450W

Things ive tried:

reconnecting front ports of case

connecting to power without drives,gpu,case fans(to eliminate the problem that psu isnt able to provide enough power for whole pc to run)

reseating the gpu and ram in the 2 diff slots.clearing cmos.

TLDR; Previously working Computer doesnt boot up,not a single thing lights up or works.The power indicator of ASUS motherboard blinks continuously when pc is connected to power

Please help anyone. Its really getting irrittating in the lockdown.I think its the PSU Thats dead??

PS: I Dont have any other computer in my home or any extra PSU with me or any in my neighbours (just a trash laptop)

Above written text was a reddit post
Its been 3 months since this i made this reddit post
the LED stopped blinking shortly after i made the reddit post
ive got my motherboard and PSU(80 plus standard PSU, gold or other details arent written, but the logo in which 80 plus is written is silver coloured) exchanged then too the problem continues
please someone help..
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