Question Motherboard/Power Supply

Feb 2, 2021
Hi, I am new to the forum. Somewhat new to computer terms and computers.
I am not sure where to put this question.
I recently made a purchase of a used desktop. There are two/maybe three issues. Hoping not anymore.

I turned it on and all that happened was the fans came on but not at full speed. The processor fan seemed slow to me. I believe the motherboard lights came on as well.( Oc restart and reset buttons.) Also there is no post. Was told to push the reset button and the red start button at the top of the motherboard. This made the fan(s) speed up., and the system started and seems to work fine. Still no post. The lights on the motherboard stay on( oc restart and reset) after shutting down.
If I unplug it from the wall or turn off the power supply, this is when I have to reach it and push the buttons on the motherboard.

As long as I don’t unplug it, or turn off the power supply it’s fine. Any of this normal? What is the fix? Thanks.

Windows 10 pro
Crosshair formula v motherboard
AMD fx 8350 clocked at 4.0 with 4.2 Turbo boost
Radeon fx 580 8 g msi oc
24 g of ddr3 ram (patriot ram 1600 mhz)
1tb hdd
240 gb ssd
Cool master 600w psu
25 inch Asus monitor
Logitech mouse and keyboard- USB

I did change the HDMI cord to the monitor, thinking at first maybe it was that, but that did not help. Also tried turning off the fast start up in window 10, for the issue with the motherboard lights staying on. Did not work.
I am starting with simple things. Working my way up to more poking around, other than pushing buttons on the motherboard.

Thanks for any help or insight.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Coolermaster is the brand of the PSU while 600W is the wattage. Is there any way you can contact seller to find out how old the PSU is? You will also need to see what the sticker on the PSU says to help us identify if it's a good unit. From the way you've explained it, I think the issue is a PSU being inadequate to power the platform. You might also need to reconnect the front panel wires since the need to press both the power and restart buttons don't make sense.