Motherboard problem

nivit kumar

Dec 26, 2011
i bought my computer 5 years ago.
i tried to update my lenovo motherboard through windows 7 driver update but everytime it fails.
But when i scanned my drivers with driver scanner software it showed that all the drivers are old and needs to be update.when i updated them through this software i got problems.everytime i scroll, the image pointer changes also In every games images get blurred.
I have 2GB RAM and core2 duo procesor.
Also there is no multimedia driver in my system can u help me to get it.
Pls help....
If you want help with your situation then you will have to provide us with some information , what model and brand of motherboard , what model and brand of video vard , you said you have a core 2 duo processor , what is the model number , what model brand of memory and how much is installed , what is the model brand and wattage of your power supply.

The best way to update drivers is not through windows but it is to go to the web site support page of the component that you are trying to update.