Question Motherboard Problems/Overall PC Problems

Jan 22, 2021
Hi, this is my first post here. I bought a PC that a guy built about 6 months ago.

The specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 2600
MSI GTX 1070 Ti 8 GB GDDR5
16 GB DDR4 Ram
Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K3 motherboard
EVGA 500 watt 80 plus PSU
A 1.5 Samsung HDD, and a 256 GB WD SSD (SATA)

I’m sorry if these are listed in a weird way, it’s still all new to me. Anyway, when I first got the PC, it wouldn’t boot. I eventually found out that it wasn’t detecting the initial M.2 drive that came with it. The motherboard wouldn’t light up on the slot, and the BIOS didn’t show. I tried various things to get it to detect, and sometimes it would. I got the drive tested, and the guy I saw said it works fine.

However, eventually I gave up because it just wouldn’t detect the drive. I decided to buy the SATA SSD and just boot from that, and it worked. Since then, my PC has also had other problems.

After logging in to Windows, it boots to a black screen randomly. Sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve found a way to fix it, and that is to unplug the SATA cable from my HDD, and plug it back in. That fixes it. I’m wondering if this could be a problem with the motherboard since it couldn’t detect the M.2 drive as well.

Other issues are that my Ethernet connection is randomly lost, and then comes back after multiple reconnections. Also, I hear a slight noise like a Cd stuttering when navigating the HDD from the files.

Again, I apologize if this is all formatted terribly and there isn’t enough information. I just had a hunch, based on my limited knowledge, that the motherboard might be bad. Could it even be the HDD affecting everything, or even the PSU? And how can I diagnose these problems?
to have a look what the problem could be:
run and post the http link of your result, e.g.

Reset the BIOS by jumper clrCMOS or JBAT or similar (eventually you will have to set the boot priority correctly after that)

check windows integrity
open the command prompt as administrator and type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

clean boot

check the memory by running usb autoinstaller (bootable USB flash drive)

run the RAM @2133MHz to check if it happens then too

check the hard drive for errors with its manufacturer´s tool (wd life and samsung magician)

update the BIOS of the motherboard by Q-Flash within BIOS