Dec 9, 2011
Im planning on buying this motherboard:

I have my A+ cert and just want to make sure everything's okay. I have a few questions.

1. What is the advantage of dual-gigabit LAN? Does It double my speed?
2. This motherboard has an 8-pin CPU Power connector and I have 2 4-pin power connectors. Can I plug the 2 4-pin connectors in? If I can do it Will they work the same as 1 8-pin?
3. When I run CPU-Z this is what i get:

Can I use the RAM installed in this system with this new motherboard?

If you guys could help that would be great, thanks!
1) Dual gigabit lan. It does not double your speed, however if you team it (with both nics) it could possibly "double the speed" but it all depends on what router you have and what connection you have as well as your complete system specifications.

It basically allows you to have dual connections - say one to the internet, and one to another computer. Or you could use one NIC as a fall back in case your other nic goes kaput.

Theres quite a few thigns you can do with dual nics.

2) Yes, some PSU (power supplies) have a split 8 pin power connector for easy connections.

3) Yes that motherboard is compatible with your DDR3 ram as that motherboard requires DDR3 RAM.

Edit: If you can give us the complete specifications for what power supply your talking about that has 2x4 pin connectors that would help out a lot.

What exactly are you trying to do? Upgrade? What do you want to move over from your "old" motherboard to your "new" one?


(1) no advantage unless you want to connect to two networks or share a network connection.

(2) it will work with your single ATX12V 4 pin connector, don't use two unless they are meant to be used together as an 8 pin connector.

(3) the memory should work, although it is pretty slow and a pair of G.Skill 1600 2x4gb is pretty cheap now.