Motherboard/Ram Issue


Jan 20, 2012

Basically i have an old q6600 @ 2.4, A ddr2 755 mobo and 2gb ram...

I finally decided to upgrade from my 8800gtx and get a 6850 which worked fine...i also decided to get another 2gb stick of ram, but here is where the problem starts,
I have 64 bit windows 7

Previouslly i had 4gb ram, and i have 4 ram slots on my motherboard, But over the years ive had ram related problems, every 6 months or so i had to take out a stick for whatever reason eg: pc not turning on, so then i was down to 2GB.

But now ive got to a point where i dont know if any of my ram slots are working(bar 1 that has always been used, contains 2gb ram stick).

I put my new 2gb stick (pc2-6400 ddr2-800, same brand) into 1 free ram slot....worked fine for a few hours then BSOD over and over.

I tried it in the 2 other slots and the same thing in the 3rd, and in the 4th the pc wouldnt start at all until i placed it back into the original slot i had it in, but after a while of use the pc would just bsod.

So i brought the ram back, exchanged it for new 2gb stick , same specs but different brand....and i put that in, same exact thing happens,

But then after changing around ram slots and stuff the pc ran perfect for about 3 days with both sticks in, and in computer properties its picking up 4gb ram....

After it BSODS or just plain crashes and restarts, Sometimes the pc wont even power on or free on bootup, So im thinking is every ram slot broken? or is it not my ram at all...

So i took it out, and left the old old original 2gb stick in....and its perfect again...So then it must be the ram slot right? They must all be broken? or maybe the ram i bought, even with the same specs isnt getting along with my original stick (but thats 2 different types, and the slots have a history of faults).

If its my ram slots, how do i fix this? a motherboard update? I forget the model name as im on my laptop right now, but its an old ASUS p5n3 or something along those lines, i checked today and it only supports up to vista 64 drivers

Any help would be amazing, thank you

I'm really at a loss, thanks for ur time
Hello... could be alot of things... but I can give you something easy to try, as we try and help you...

1) voltage problem...
Sometimes adding more sticks of Ram will require you to increase the voltage to them... you should be able to increase the voltage to them with the ASUS MB BIOS... DDR2 RAM is 1.8-2.2 depending on MFG'r... and also could be a sign your Power Supply could be getting weak/intermittant... They don't cost that much and easy to replace.
2) shut off DUAL-Channel memory mode
This BIOS option requires identical memory sizes/types be used in pairs in certain memory slots only... so using 3 sticks will always be a problem here... so while testing your memory sticks make sure this option is turned off.