Question Motherboard, RAM or CPU issue ?

Sep 15, 2022
Hi, one month ago i upgraded my older intel system to an AMD one, and now i finally upgraded my RAM from a single 16GB stick (3200mhz) to a 32GB kit 2x16 from corsair (3600mhz).
I started having problems right off the bat after I installed the ram, since my pc wont even post and the mobo led was stuck on CPU.
I tried booting with 1 stick only and it worked.
I tried putting both sticks in the first two slots and the system detects them both. I can't pin point if this is a mobo issue or a CPU issue ?

edit: also right now im using only one stick of new RAM and its working fine, BIOS is updated to the last one available

my system is:
  • ryzen 5 5600 (bought new)
  • msi X570 gaming pro carbon wifi (bought used)
  • New RAM: Corsair vengeance rgb pro 2x16 gb 3600mhz CL18 (CWM32GX4M2D3600C18)
  • Old RAM: Ballistix pro sport 2400 mhz 16 gb cl16
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Apr 25, 2020
Have you checked if that mobo is compatible with your RAM? Most likely it is, but just in case.

Does the PC work fine always with the SAME ONE stick or have you tried both, one at a time?


You need to make more tests to find out if it is CPU or mobo issue. Start with checking each slot with just one stick (well, it seems we already know slots 1 and 2 work so check 3 and 4). Then check pairs (1&3 does not work right? so try 2&4 and 3&4). Post the results of tests and then we can try to determine the culprit.


Your motherboard manual will tell you which ram slots are to be populated if you have only two sticks.
Ryzen is fussy about ram so use the recommended ram slots.

Go to the corsair site and access their ram selection app.
Verify that your ram part number is supported on your motherboard and cpu.
On occasion some seemingly compatible ram just does not work.

Test each stick individually in a slot that works.

Sometimes ram issues are fixed by a more current bios.
Check to see if there is a more current bios which fixes ram compatibility issues.

Since the mobo is used, do you trust the seller?
If not, perhaps he had the same issues.