Question Motherboard recommendation for i5 9400F?

Mar 9, 2022
I'm looking for a good motherboard for my i5 9400F...

I don't know much about the chipsets compatible with this processor and after searching on Google I got this motherboard list but they've mixed up things and confused me more.

My GPU will be the 1660S and I can spend a good amount on the board...


I'd go to somewhere like Newegg and use their search tool on the left hand side for socket 1151 boards within your price range. 600567584 50001315 50001312 50001314 50001944 4017 4018 4814 601306867&PageSize=96

14 candidates.

Above is that sort for socket 1151 between 100 and 300 dollars. All the 300 series chipsets. From the major 4 brands...Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock, MSI.

They will differ to some extent regarding number and type of ports and connections. Get that info from manufacturer web site.

Which is "best" is debatable. You can have a bad experience with any of them.


8th and 9th generation CPUs work in the following chipsets

Z390 - overclocking
Z370 - overclocking
H370 - essentially Z370 without overclocking support
B360/B365 - some premium functions
H310 - basic functionality only

There will also be some Q boards, but they are generally OEM and are very similar to higher end H class boards.

Size is an important question. Mini ITX, Micro ATX and ATX.

ATX chassis will fit all three (7 slots), Micro ATX chassis will fit Micro ATX (4 slots) and Mini ITX (1 slot)

There can be more expansion slots in a case then a motherboard. It is common for some higher end ATX chassis to have 8 slots so that a dual slot card in the last slot in the board can be installed. Same with Mini-ITX, gaming oriented chassis often have two expansion slots for the same reason. Micro ATX chassis do not regularly have 5 slots, but they do exist.