Motherboard replacment option dell preciision 390?

Using your original windows installation? Then get the same board if it's bad. For a non dell windows installation, get this: or this: These are cost effective solutions. I wouldn't put too much money into your old system. New technology may actually be cheaper, especially ddr3 boards.


Dec 7, 2011
Hello an thank so much for the help. Yes do need to keep the XP install with office 2010 that my girl friend has on it. not sure if matters, but i also dual boot into fedora 14 on it. We have Also i have lost the product key for the office 2010 install will that be an issue when XP detects new hardware?
Here's a newer chipset g41 that uses ddr3, which is dirt cheap and this board would give you some upgrade options later: I have no way of knowing how windows will load your old software, but if windows loads, the software should follow. It may take a few reboots for windows xp to configure your device drivers.