motherboard revisions are they bios updates or the board it,s self maufactoring

Sep 25, 2018
if I got say recision 3 could I flash the bios to revisiov 4 would that work

have fx 9370 want to get gigabyte 990 ud3 can I flash to latest version to make it except my cpu I have a ga 970 usb or ud3 it says cpu incompatable and turns of if I then turn it on to clear cmos shut down restart it fetches up a menue if boot without change it works perfect till I shut down again

so it can run the cpu in reality yeah I need a way for it to past post with out having to clear cmos everytime its flashed to the latest bios version

The revision level marked on the motherboard generally signifies the hardware revision level and is something you can't change just by flashing a new version of BIOS. But you can flash the latest BIOS revision for your board's revision level.

You should also check your board's supported processor listing on the Gigabyte website. FX9370 processors need major power and it just might be un-supported simply to protect it from toasting VRM FET's.