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Question Motherboard RGB flashes repeatedly, but fans wont spin

Jul 25, 2019
First Build, so bare with me. This may be long, but I desperately need you help.

I have all components besides my GPU. I went ahead and built the PC (minus SSD and HDD) out so that when the GPU comes on Monday, I can plug and play.

I plugged in the PSU and powered it up and everything worked. Fans started to spin, codes ran on the MB, and the RGB was doing what it was supposed to do. I powered it down properly and repeated the steps. Same result. I noticed my CPU Fan was some what loose, so I tried to reseat it and secure it better. I tried to power on again and start it back up, but this time all it did was flash the RGB repeatedly for about a second at a time. No fans were spinning. No codes flashing. I tried a couple more times and had the same result.

Possible solutions I've tried:
Removing and reinserting all power cables to PSU and MB.
Removing RAM and replacing.
Unplugging and plugging back the fan cables, thinking maybe they were in the wrong way.

I'm worried that I've fried my motherboard or damaged my CPU while adjusting the fan. I wouldn't think this would be a CPU issue, but I could be wrong. I've been told that it could be doing this because the GPU is not connected. Something about the MB has done all it can without it and now it's just waiting for the GPU to be installed before it will do more.

Ryzen 3700X w/ wraith prism cooler
ASrock Taichi
Cooler Master MWE Gold PSU
Corsair 2x8 Vengeance LPX
Fractal Meshify C

Can anyone help me?