[SOLVED] Motherboard scratched, won't boot

Aug 2, 2021
Hello, so. I took my GPU out earlier in the evening, then this happened. I scratched the motherboard as shown in the picture by accident, now the machine wouldn't POST. It does turn on though, just no sign of life other than that.



Dec 22, 2016
All I can say is, "There I go but for the grace of God."

A few years ago, I was upgrading the M.2 SSD on my motherboard, which is located underneath the GPU. The PCIe x16 slot had a retention clip that had to be undone, but it was completely obscured underneath the graphics card, where my fingers couldn't fit.

So I took some tweezers and tried to use them to undo the retention clip. But even though I was pushing as gingerly and delicately as I could, I still slipped and scraped the motherboard ever so gently.

I was terrified that I might have just killed my motherboard.

So I went back to my toolbox and retrieved some tweezers with a curved head and rubber (plastic? PVC?) cap, like this. With those, I was able to undo the retention clip, remove the GPU, install the SSD, and reinstall the GPU.

I booted my computer with trepidation. Would it turn on? And happily, it did!! Here I am, several years later, typing this comment on that very same computer.

The next day, I went online and bought some tweezers with PVC ("rubber") tips, rather than metal tips with plastic caps. Specifically, this and this.

So I feel you.