Motherboard that will support 45nm Penryn quad (octa?) cores


Feb 17, 2007
I intend to build a system within the next month. I am going to start with an E6600 and I expect to upgrade in about 2 years. I need to be fairly confident that the motherboard I buy now will still be able to support the future Penryn cpus (or Wolfdale... Yorkfield... whatever) with a 1333 FSB.

Can anyone recommend a board currently on the market that will satisfy this need?

All I have been able to figure out is that the recently announced bearlake chipset may be just what I'm looking for... but I confess that I don't really understand what this bearlake chipset is all about. Can we expect motherboards that have this chipset to be on the market within a month? Would this be as 'future-proofed' as you can get?


Feb 11, 2007
Well that thread is more related to waiting for Bearlake, whereas what I'm truly interested in is whether the current 965, 975 or 680i-based motherboards will support the upcoming 45nm core CPUs... And that's sort of the OP's question too from what I can tell.

I too was screwed over a bit cause my 925XE chipset mobo (capable of 1066FSB no less) couldn't take anything past the crappy Prescotts and Ds. Now I was hoping to take a gradual upgrade path - get a new mobo whilst using my current Prescott and get a 45nm chip once I can.

Has anyone heard anything about whether existing boards will function with the new CPUs with just a BIOS upgrade hopefully?