Question Motherboard three beeps after enabled secure boot & fast boot MSI Z370

Marian Pavel

Jun 4, 2016

2 weeks ago I prepared my PC for the windows 11 update. I have downloaded the pc checker from the Microsoft website and it said I had only 3 items to solve. Enable the TCP 2.0, enable secure boot, and fast boot.

After enabling the last, but I am not 100% sure that these two cause the problem but I had an error message: "WARNING: CSM is Loaded! Disable the CSM in Setup. Repeat operation after Reboot to ensure UEFI Video (GOP) driver is operational"

And that's it ... my pc restarts, I have three beeps, I am not quite sure if the first beep is just a little bit longer or not then the next two ... my ram works, I have tried getting out one of the two RAM's I have and switching but it's not that ...

I have an MSI Z370 Gaming M5 with a intel 10700k processor and a gtx 1070 from MSI. I have two monitors, a 2k 265hz oddysey G7 monitor from Samsung connected with a display port, and an old 24' monitor 144hz.

I did spend some time searching on google about the warning message and queries like secure boot 3 beeps or fast boot 3 beeps but I couldn't find anything, however, I found more of this problem related to MSI motherboards. Does anyone know what is the problem?