Question Motherboard turns everything off at specific gaming moments; have tested everything but can't understand why its happening like this.

Sep 23, 2019
Hey guys!

This is a weird issue I've been dealing with since I built my PC.

Essentially, what's happening is when I load a game (usually like Civ or Anno 1800 that has ultra graphics / a lot going on), my motherboard turns off all of the fans, lights, and graphics card. (motherboard light stays on the whole time). Shortly before crashing, I can see the DRAM and CPU lights flash, followed by everything but the motherboard powering off.

I've tested everything individually and it seems the motherboard is the issue. (I switched out my power supply with my friends PC, did the same thing with the graphics card and RAM.)

When i used a lower end graphics card, this doesn't happen (played both games all day with no issue), but when I added back the EVGA it did this three times in a row pulling up a game. And to confirm, I had my friend use this EVGA card in their PC when we played today to see if it caused an issue and it worked flawlessly (and i had no issue using his graphics card either).

In essence, it seems to be an issue with the graphics card somehow triggered by this bigger GPU. Any ideas? I'm stumped. I have a video of what it's doing but couldn't find a way to upload.

Here's the build:
PSU -Corsair CX750M (gold)
GPU - EVGA RTX2080 Super 8gb (the one causing issues with MB) and the one i used today when trading with a friend was an MSI Geforce GTX 1660 TI Ventus XS 6g
Processor - Intel I7 9700k
RAM - Corsair Vengence 32GB 3200mhz
Cooling - Corsair 240mm 100i liquid cooler and 4 120mm RGB case fans.

And to confirm, GPU's drivers were updated and made no difference. No recorded errors on windows. Have switched out all parts and seem to be working, only difference is when the bigger GPU is used on this MB. Temps are great, I've kept the monitor up to see if there was a spike before the crash but none of that causes it. And finally, also did a GPU and CPU stress test independently and then at the same time and the system was fine (no restart). Just is triggered at the start or more commonly the loading of a saved game like civ or anno.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Im within my 2 week return window for the MB but wanted ya'lls thoughts before I took the whole the apart again.

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Agree with Ralston18. Re-starts like that, normally mean the PSU isn't providing enough power to the system.

The fact you can run stress loads independently on CPU and GPU, and not crash, but then does crash when you combine both (gaming load) is the indicator.

What PSU did you swap with to test?

You've got some high draw components in there. If you have anything OC'ed, that could really push the PSU to the brink if it's already old, and starting to lose efficiency.
Sep 23, 2019
Thanks guys - it’s a Corsair 750w and is brand new. (2 weeks). My friends was a bronze 650w and it worked fine.

I did another test this morning where I switched power supplies but kept the bigger GPU on my system and it seems to be working. I was hoping to absolutely prove it was the PSU so tried having my friend use the Corsair PSU and bigger GPU but they had no issues (but they also are running a Ryzen 5, no RGB fans (only 2 in total vs my 4).

I’m going to keep testing it on my pc with this other PSU, as it definitely is starting to look like a PSU issue. Hopefully Best Buy will take a return with no box?

With all that being said - do you just think the Corsair PSU came faulty from the factory?