Question Motherboard turns on but immediately power cycles

May 28, 2023
I have an old Asus X99 Deluxe computer that used to work fine. Recently I tried to turn it on and it turns on for a brief seconds and immediately turns off then on again. The debug error code on the motherboard only displays 00 the whole time which according to manual means cpu issue. I’ve tried the CPU in another system and it works fine. I’ve tested with other known working components for the GPU, power supply, memory, HDD, and behavior is the same.

Pretty much means the motherboard is the issue? Is there a common fix or way to fix this? Thanks.
Well, if you've determined the CPU works in another board, and you've swapped out all the parts you have, there is really nothing else left it could be if the issue is exactly the same.

As far as "fixing" it is concerned, there are rarely if ever any ways to fix a faulty motherboard unless you are an extremely skilled electronics repair person, and even then the number of situations where a "fix" would even be possible would be extremely limited. Generally speaking, if a board fails outside of warranty, then you either buy another one or move to a newer platform. Fixing motherboards really isn't an option for most people and even the manufacturers will usually not fix them. They'll just replace a faulty board and usually toss the failed one in the trash pile.