Question Motherboard turns on then immediately off.

Mar 27, 2020
Hello everyone! This is my first post so go easy, hoping to get help here before possibly bringing it to a shop. (Also reposting on motherboard thread instead of system, don't know if it matters)

I got a motherboard (its a ASRock 970 Pro3) from a friend of mine who had no use for it anymore, and said he couldn't get it to work. So I tried getting it to work myself with no luck. When pushing the power button, the fans turn on for a split second and then immediately off. Then push it again, nothing. You have to unplug the PSU, wait a few seconds, then plug it in again for the same result. I have taken it out of the case, removed the RAM, removed the GPU, removed all drives, so its just the motherboard, power supply, and the CPU cooler and fan. I am now also using a screw driver to jump the pins to remove the button from being the issue. I even tried removing the CPU to see if that was the problem, and still the same issue. As a side note, the PSU that I am using has a 4 pin CPU plug while the motherboard has an 8 pin connector. I read that this shouldn't be a problem but thought I would include it. I even got another PSU from a different PC that I know works, and same problem.

So after searching through a lot of forums and videos, I found that if you remove the CPU power connector, if the VRM is the issue then the board should power up. But even after doing that, the board still does the same thing. I've cleared the CMOS, cleaned the board, and looked for any capacitors the may be damaged but at this point I don't know what the problem is. Can anyone give me suggestions on what to try? I don't know if there is genuinely something wrong with the board or if I am making a dumb mistake when trying to fix it. Thank you for reading this book of a paragraph! :)