Question Motherboard usb 2.0 headers

Apr 1, 2022
So I have 2 9 pin usb 2.0 headers on my asrock z690 steel legend wife 6e motherboard. Both seemed to be working fine until I had to switch PSU’s the wattage of the PSU’s are the same. Now it seems only one of the usb 2.0 headers are working. I never touched them during the changeout of PSU’s but now that I have messed around I can tell one of them is clearly not working it doesn’t detect anything is connected to it. I’ve tried updating my drivers and resetting them as well and switching the cables many times too idk what else to do.
Yeah I have, neither work at the same time when I switch them I can use one but the one labeled usb 1_2 does not work
You should check for physical damage on that header.

Just in case it can't be fixed, you can use an USB header splitter to use with your current cooling setup, this splitter will give you 2 USB headers from the one that works.