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Question Motherboard USB Port issues


Jan 1, 2019
Problem started maybe a couple weeks ago, mouse will start disconnecting randomly, then reconnects, although sometimes it won't reconnect by itself, and I'll have to manually replug it in myself. It'll also sometimes take the keyboard out with it as well and both will stop responding to inputs entirely. It sometimes looks like it's based off movement, as if I don't touch the mouse and leave it sitting there, everything looks fine, but when I start swinging the mouse cursor around, it's about a 70% chance the mouse will disconnect and reconnect, 10% that it just straight up shuts itself off, and the remaining 20% it's fine and nothing happens, but at the same if I just leave it sitting sometimes it will just disconnect and reconnect by itself.

I've tried the most of the obvious solutions like the selective suspension thing in the power options, and the USB Root Hub power options in the Device Manager as well, no dice. I've also tested the mouse on my brother's computer and his chromebook as well, there doesn't seem to be any issue with connections there.. I've also tried plugging the mouse in the front USB Port, and still get some disconnecting. This is strange to me because I've tried testing out both the front and back USB Ports with USB sticks and my USB Microphone, and it doesn't look like they have any issues at all. Then I noticed that when both keyboard+mouse stop responding, if I just replug one, the other starts working as well. So I'm pretty much stumped and have no clue what the issue could be. It doesn't seem to be a motherboard issue, and doesn't seem like a mouse issue. It feels like it's just decided to stop working on my machine for no apparant reason and it's driving me insane.

I have a B350 MSI Tomahawk motherboard, and a Logitech G300s mouse, as well as just a generic Dell Keyboard.


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