Question MotherBoard will not accept any type of ram overclocking


Jul 4, 2017
Well, the title says everything. Recently or for awhile now i've been wanting to know how much performance a ram overclock could really present for an amd ryzen cpu. I ran a successful ram overclock once at 2866MHZ I think and it gave me a lot of performance (unless it was just a placebo effect). But it was not stable at all and ultimately crashed my computer when I went into bios, the ram speed went back into default. I attempted to change the speed but my pc would restart 2-3 times and go back to default speeds. The cpu itself overclocks perfect and runs extremely smooth. I have tried to only overclock the ram and keep cpu stock but nothing seems to work. even a 2400MHZ speed boost it does not boot.

If anybody knows anything about this it would be very helpful as i could run like it seemed COD MW without any stutters.

CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 1600
MOBO:Gigabyte AB350 Gaming-3
GPU:GTX 1060
RAM:Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHZ 4 sticks 16GB


What bios? Being first gen, you can only update the bios a few times, to the max for 2nd Gen which will give the updated Agesa, media files and memory tables. Do not use a current or latest bios as those are for 3rd gen cpus and you'll brick the bios chip.

Ram OC on 1st gen cpus was trixy at best, but was possible to hit 2667 or 2933MHz usually. It required some adjustment to SoC voltage, NB cpu, dram etc. They also had to be dual channel in A2/B2, single rank C14 chips got upto 3200MHz and C16 would usually get 2933MHz, but dual rank chips generally topped out at 2667MHz stable. Some people running the dual rank SkHynix chips, found in the Corsair LPX (amongst a bunch of others) had a hard time, if at all possible, to hit 2400MHz. Subsequent bios revisions (Agesa) fixed most of that. But it took a while.