Question Motherboard with Red CPU light Crashing Often and Turning on Inconsistently

Feb 4, 2021
Ok, so I have had this issue for about a week now. For a timeline, I built my first PC on a Sunday, used it through Thursday of that week with no problems. That Friday, my pc had all the peripherals turn off with the fans and everything in the PC presumably staying on. The power button does not turn it off so I have to unplug the PSU. Every time this happens a red light next to CPU, which I assume means there is a CPU issue, comes on. It kept happening until the next Tuesday after that Friday. I tried pushing the RAM sticks in more, cause I thought the light was next to RAM, and for the next two days, when it would shut down, it would turn itself back on again. This stopped on Thursday when it turned off one time and stayed off and I had to unplug again. Today, the next day, when I got home, I loosened the screws on my motherboard and case cause I heard it helped somebody, it did not for me, and it wouldn't even turn on this time, it just had the fans and stuff with the red CPU light. So I tried making sure everything was plugged in right to the motherboard and power supply, which after checking nothing seemed to be plugged in bad, but for some reason, the PC turned on this time, even though that is all I did. The crashes and turning on are seemingly random at this point and I don't know what to do. I also have no other builds or parts to test on. Considering going to a PC shop soon as I have been looking for solutions with no works since last Friday.

These are all the main PC components:
Msi GeForce 1650 super Ventus XS GPU
AMD ryzen 7 3700X CPU and cooler
Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz DDR4 DRAM
RM650 gold 80 Corsair power supply
Msi mpg x570 gaming plus motherboard
Seagate Barracuda Compute storage
Regular windows 10 from a key


You're advised to breadboard the system. Work with only one stick of ram and since you're on an MSI board, make sure that the single stick of ram is populating slot A2. Speaking of slots, which slots did the rams populate prior to the issue?

You should also remove all other storage devices, leaving the SSD in(if you don't have an SSD, make sure the boot drive is hooked up to the motherboard).

What is the make and model of your chassis? Can you manage to get into BIOS? If so, check and see what version of BIOS you're on at the moment.