Question Motherboard wont power on

May 13, 2019
At the end of a friend and me fixing some minor issues in my build and doing better cable management, we find out at the end the Motherboard wont power on. We've decided the problem is the mobo as when I was plugging in the power for the MOBO the power flickered on for a bit when it was halfway plugged in. We also tried another power supply to make sure it was the MOBO.


So you were plugging in the power cables TO the motherboard, WITH the PSU already switched to the on position or plugged in? Yeah, that's not how you do it. Power supply should be completely unplugged from the wall until you are ready to restore power to the build.

It's possible you've damaged something but it's more likely you've tripped a protection.

Try unplugging the PSU from the wall and flipping the switch on the back of the PSU to the "0" position. Then remove the motherboard CMOS battery for a few minutes and press the power button for 30 seconds continuously while everything is unplugged. Reinstall the CMOS battery. Plug the PSU back into the wall. Flip the switch back on at the back of the PSU and then try to power on. Make sure you've restored the front panel connections to the correct locations on the motherboard pin cluster.