Motherboards for Intel


May 12, 2012
What type of motherboard to choose?

If you buy an i3 or an i5-2400 or an i5-2500k which mobo is the best for any of these?

Would it not be practical to buy a z77 mobo that would support all of these processors? Because z77 is the latest chipset technology? What is the point of buying H77 or Z68? Won't they be outdated? They appear to cost the same price.

What's the difference between all of these mobos?

I was advised to get a Z68 if u get the i5-2500k and a H77 if u get the i5-2400. Why is this? What is the difference?

Why not just buy a z77 mobo instead?

All thoughts appreciated.
The Z motherboards are capable of overclocking and the H motherboards are not. The K edition CPUs are intended for overclocking more than the others (the other i5s and i7s can be overclocked, but not as much. The i3s can hardly be overclocked at all), so they are recommended to have a Z series motherboard (the P67 can overclock too, but it does not have IGP support).

If you're not overclocking, then H77 is a good idea. If you are overclocking, then the Z77 is a good idea. I don't know why a Z68 would be recommended over a Z77. The difference isn't great, but Z77 is a little better.