Motherboards that support I5-9600k out of the box (no bios update required)

Dec 7, 2018
Hello, as the title states I'm looking for a list of motherboards that will be able to use an i5-9600k processor (coffee lake) right out of the box, without a bios update. I mistakenly bought the MSI b250 gaming motherboard which I learned needs a bios update to use the i5-9600k. I don't have any other CPUs to update with
Any help is appreciated!


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Last I checked, anything other than Z390 chipset does not support 9th gen out of the box. Because all 9th gen desktop CPU's are K series and overclockable.

Everything else either needs to have shipped with an updated BIOS, or you need an 8th gen chip so you can boot it up and update the BIOS.

I would personally recommend getting Z390 for overclocking.
Even if you don't overclock now, you will have the ability to in the future when it comes time that your CPU needs a boost.

If you live in America, this is the cheapest Z390 on PCPP and it's also a fairly good brand and model.
However, it's $120.

ASRock Z390 Pro4

If you live anywhere other than the US, let me know so I can recommend you something since PC components price and availability varies from place to place around the world.

You could also look in the used market for a Z390 motherboard to try and save a little money.

Otherwise, you can try to return it for your money back.
That is assuming they take it back after it's been opened and placed into a socket on a motherboard with thermal paste put on it.

If not, then you could try to sell it off for a few bucks less than what you paid for it.

If you choose to go this route of returning for your money back or selling it off, I would then suggest getting a non K series 8th gen CPU and a non Z series motherboard for it.

best route right now is for you financially is to just get a Z390 and call it a day and be happy with the performance for years to come.
Dec 7, 2018

Thanks for the response. I am in the U.S. I think you may be right about getting a Z390. That will be my next step. They are available with the micro-ATX size as well I assume?