Moto X Launch Scheduled for August 1st

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Look, I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade but I don't see what the big deal is with the Moto X. It's a mid-range phone. There's lots of mid-ranged phones. What's so special about this one? The Note 3 won't have this for breakfast because the Note 3 prolly won't even notice'll want something meatier like an HTC One.

Chris Droste

May 29, 2013
the Big Deal is that this is Google's first Lovechild Post Motorola Acquisition. it may be a Mid-range phone spec-wise, but that's the meat of where the market is now. I know..maybe 2 people who bought a note/noteII, and I know maybe 3 people who have Galaxy S3s/S4s. Most people don't need quad core anyway. I surf, take notes, mail, and do remote access on my phone, why do i need 2 extra cores sucking up battery? as long as i can turn off the "always waiting for you" google now features, the screen looks good, the battery life is long, and the UI doesn't lag. Rumors also floating around I've read said it will sport Andoird 4.3, and let's not forget, this is going to be the first smartphone in a very long time to be made in the U.S. so while you may not care, this is a pretty significant device for the industry.
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