[SOLVED] Motospeed ck62 vs New release Havit wireless 60%


Jul 25, 2018
Im looking for a under 45$ budget 60% white wireless mechanical keyboard.

Since my budget is low for what i want, Im between these 2, i already know the motospeed is really popular but i´ve seen a lot of youtubers reviews and they do not recommended it because of the function caps you have to press FN+F1 for 3 seconds to use F1-F12 which for me is pretty uncomfortable bcs i use them a lot, build quality, switches quality and welds, besides that rgb, wireless connection bluetooth 3.0 and baterry life with 1300mAh is pretty good.
Then this havit new release (September 2020) is 40$ with a 4$ coupon saving, this one got bt 5.0, 1900mAh, red switches (like the ck62), the rgb looks pretty good, and in this KB, FN+F1 is instantly so its easier, i´ve used Havit keyboards and mouse in the past and they are good products, also they got a good reputation on Amazon, but sadly this KB doesnt have reviews yet in Amazon and also couldnt find a review on Youtube.

What are you thoughts on this Havit KB?

Havit keyboard:

All those cheap keyboards are about the same as any others. They don't seem to say what switches they use so guessing that may be an issue with feel and quality control.
Havit is as good as any of the other cheaper keyboards.