Mounting a PC in a Home Entertainment Center


Feb 20, 2005
Hey all,

I currently have a PC that's basically set up to work as a media center, with TV-Out to a 27" TV, an Audigy 2 hooked via digital line into a 600 watt Pioneer home theatre receiver with 5.1 speakers, DVD player, etc.

The PC sits in an ATX case right now, but I had a really wild thought - buying a home entertainment center (wood cabinet) and trying to mod it to accomodate mounting the guts of my PC in one of lower cubby-holes. The entertainment center I'm looking at will house the PC behind a door, in the lower-left cabinet.

Has anyone tried this? I've measured the cabinet and the ATX MoBo should fit easily. But I have a few of concerns:

1 - Heat. Given that it would be housed in a wood enclosure, how would that affect overheating of the MoBo components? I've thought of getting around this by cutting a hole in the front of the door and covering it with low density speaker felt, and will cut out the back for the power supply and cabling, but do you guys think that will be enough?

2 - Noise. The PC isn't too bad now, but it's sitting out in the open so the sound from the PS, Bios, and video card fans dissipate quite well. How bad do you think it would get if it's in a wooden enclose?

3 - Static. Will this be a factor? If so, how could I get around it?

Mounting is should be easy enough - a few PCB standoffs just like mounting it in the case. Still not sure where to mount the DVD and CDR drives though - any suggestions?

Input on this is much appreciated :)


Nov 17, 2002
Wood does of course insulates more then metal, but you also have to factor in radio/TV/sound interference! So a small metal case should be better. You are hiding the thing so just get a small metal case.

You could mount the MOBO on wood. I never have tried it.
The idea of the speaker felt is good and some big low speed fans, I would be surprised if it would make much noise.

For the DVD and CDR you could buy externals or buy/make enclosures for them.

It sounds like a fun project.

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Jan 31, 2003
Someone over at Bit-tech did a wooden case mod a while back. Check it out at: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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