Question Mounting bracket - adapter needed to fit curved monitor


Nov 16, 2020
I recently purchased a new monitor and a desk mount stand. However the new curved monitor has an awkward mounting area that is circular and doesn't allow the mount bracket close enough to mount the monitor properly. (Rectangular bracket is larger than the circular backside of the monitor)
Since the mount stand can't get close enough none of the provided screws provided with the mount stand and monitor work to properly/safely mount the monitor.

Image of mounting bracket and back of the monitor: View:

Monitor: MSI Optix G271C: 75 x 75 mm VESA Mounting

Desk mount: HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand:

Is there any kind of adapter that will allow the bracket to reach the monitor to mount it properly? I see this but I'm not sure if its what I'm looking for


The G271c uses Vesa 75x75, not the more standard 100x100, so no surprise there that the stand doesn't fit, wrong stand, you are using a universal mount a d that's not going to work well.

Looks like the mount fits the inside series of holes, but you'll need to remove the 2x bottom silver screws and use longer screws to fit the distance.

Or, if you are any good with a dremel cutting tool, mount the original stand to the wall mount, draw the circle on the mount, and cut the mount to fit the monitor. Then the screws will fit right.

You aren't going to find a circular adapter to fit the Vesa 75 mounting holes, you might find a square Vesa 75 mount that's not also universal, built to also accept Vesa 100 sizes.
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