Question Mounting pattern for different pumps


Hey there,
i am designing a custom case which can accommodate any watercooling upto 360 rad with minimal or no modification, just buy your cooling kit and screw it in.

I almost completed it, except pump mounting as there is no specific standard for mounting of pump ( without using 120mm adaptor)
To solve this i want to know the mounting holes placement of different pumps
from below pic, i can see all mounting patterns of EK

But i am unable to find thermaltake pacific pr22-d5 mounting pattern, from its pics and dimensions i am guessing it to be like 80x90mm .

Anyone with experience or different pump can post all the well known pump mounting hole placement of different pumps ( hole placement and pump name )
like this
EKWB SPC 60 uses 50x50mm


I work off a D5 pump and I also have a custom made chassis that accepts both D5 and a DDC. You need to standardize the way you want the pump to mount in your chassis and in doing so, you might need to filter what sort of (external)pump frame designs your bracket will be friendly with.


i am looking to either design the mounting pattern in the case it self or using bracket(s) to mount most of the pumps which can match with the case's design (unlike adapter for those pumps provided by pump company which can differ from your case's design and look odd)


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Difficult part will be that each 'version' of D5 or DDC might be modified slightly by the reseller (EK, Alphacool, Swiftech, etc) to meet their specific needs. The impeller and standard components will obviously still retain the OEM parts, but the housing and tops might be very different.

Most D5's have different housings and tops from those I have seen although DDC's still retain that little boxy shape with the bottom-mount screw threads - unless they have an optional heatsink epoxied to it.


Ok, so i a thinking to give an area of 80x80mm to drill holes ( kind of, as can't speak too much about some idea ).
So now my question is would it be sufficient to mount most of the commonly used pumps ?
also what is the mounting holes placement on thermaltake pacific pr22-d5 as from its dimensions and pics i think it will be 80x90mm ?