Jan 3, 2013
i have a thermaltake v3 black edition case and a micro-atx 760gm p23 motherboard this, being my first build, i can't seem to mount it correctly to the case. the case has only 1 standoff but multiple brackets that stick up, and look like are used for screwing in and securing the motherboard but none of the brackets match up with holes on the motherboard

also i am sort of confused as to which screws i should be using on the standoff and case brackets
Usually they are the wider threaded screws that are both phillips and hex bolt on the head. You could hand thread them to make sure they go in smoothly without much force. Also, you will want to make sure the stand offs are tightened down pretty well so when you thread the screw in and ever have to take them out the standoff doesn't come with them. I don't really think there is a wrong screw as long as they tighten down well and are the correct thread.

Sometimes you have to make sure the clips on the back plate slip over the rear I\O ports so the board slides back the whole way. Also, don't tighten all the screws down until you have most of them in, then go back and tighten them down gently.


If you are having trouble knowing where to place them, put a piece of paper under your motherboard and mark off where the stand offs should go. Then put this piece of paper on your case and line it up with the holes. Then proceed to put the standoffs in.