[SOLVED] Mouse acting strange


Oct 14, 2016
All of a sudden in the last few days my mouse has been acting weird.

I have a Corsair Ironclaw RGB, it's only a year and a half ago, and so far it's been very good to me.

Lately it seems to get stuck clicking. That's probably the best way I can explain it, hovering over links it doesn't change to a hand to indicate being able to click, left clicking does nothing. The only way to fix this is to right click, which doesn't register, usually, then the mouse works fine.
Sometimes after right clicking to unstick it, a few seconds later it will self right click once or twice, usually immediately after left clicking.
Also seems to sometimes act as though the left click is being held down.
I was able to catch it when it was acting up one time on a mouse test site, and after right clicking to allow left clicks to register, it showed that when I left clicked, it also right clicked, but only a couple times, then it reverted back to working fine.

Seems to happen most when switching between running apps on my computer, though not always.