Mouse and keyboard don't work once login screen appears


Sep 30, 2014
Hi, when I turned on my computer [Dell Inspiron 3847] my mouse and keyboard stopped working when I get to the login screen. I've searched allllllll over and found that a bunch of people have had this problem when upgrading from another windows to Windows 10. I've already had windows 10 for months now.

I've tried using a different port, different mouse, different mouse in a different port and nothing. This computer also does NOT have a ps/2 port so I can't use a ps/2 mouse to bypass any need for the drivers. Some of the other forums had people saying they just repeated turned it on and off again until it worked and I tried that for a while and nothing happened. I performed a diagnostic in BIOs and it said everything was working fine.
I've sat on the phone with dell who wants to send a technician (and possibly change the motherboard), and I've also talked to Microsoft who were absolutely no help at all.

Just to reiterate, my mouse and keyboard DO work while the computer is on the Dell loading screen(BEFORE it reaches the windows loading screen right before the login window)
My mouse and keyboard both work in BIOs. They do NOT work in the safe mode login screen.

Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated! I will also respond promptly.

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