Question Mouse and keyboard freeze (usb) and compter will not reboot after

Aug 5, 2020

I have tried looking around but unfortunately can't find an answer to this.

Long story short I bought a new graphics card which didn't fit my PSU or my case, so decided to transfer everything myself. After much difficulty I have the PC up and running for the most part.

I then tried connecting a ps4 controller via the USB port which resulted in my mouse and keyboard freezing (really the whole USB port shutting down). The PC is still running in the background ie videos still running, music still playing, just the input via USB ports.

Now, when I power off the PC (by holding the power button down as the only option) the PC will not reboot for 5/10 minutes after. The fans will begin to rotate and then stop. If i unplug the PSU and leave the PC for 5 minutes it will start booting again.

I have updated to the latest driver for I believe the PCI port as this was initially showing a yellow exclamation mark. I have attempted to update USB drivers however I am told I already have the latest drivers for these.

Note I normally only experience this issue when I plug in an extra USB device (controller / headset) but I have today had the same issue entirely randomly.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.