Question Mouse and Keyboard Malfunctioning on Asrock B450 Pro4 USB port

Jul 11, 2020
Hello, I have this problem where my keyboard and mouse are not working well when plugged into my motherboard USB port. My motherboard is Asrock Pro4. For the keyboard sometimes it will not register the key that is being pressed I notice it really well when I play games where I have to use WASD key a lot. I also checked it with keyboard checker on browser and it does show that sometimes when I pressed the key it was not registered. It's getting a bit better maybe when I plug my keyboard to the USB port on the case but the problem sometimes still persist.
While for the wireless mouse if I plug it to the motherboard USB port it really shows that the pointer sometimes stop and doesn't want to be moved. And if I plug the mouse to the case USB port it works fine I think.

I am connecting my PC and monitor through UPS,
My Processor is Ryzen5 3600 and My GPU is GTX1650super
I don't know if that matters but I will write it here.
Thank you to anyone who read it and try to help or give their opinion.