Question Mouse and Keyboard not starting right away when Windows 7 booting to Desktop !

Sep 12, 2019
After my old mouse's right click not working properly, so I decide to replace it with a brandnew Corsair Harpoon mouse (Wire), plug it to the old mouse USB port directly on the Maximus VII Hero mainboard. My Windows 7 recognize The Corsair Harpoon quickly, and it working just fine like the other mouse I have in the past.

But the problem is, I shutdow my PC and the next everytime I turn my PC on again, after Windows booting up to desktop screen, my mouse and keyboard seem not recognized by Windows for about 5-10 seconds. After that the NumLock light on the keyboard light up and they work normally.

I try to plug my new Corsair Harpoon mouse to another PC with Windows 10 and it work normal, response right away after windows boot to desktop.
I try to plug my old mouse back in my PC and problem go away, but as soon as I try the Corsair Harpoon mouse the problem come back.

I've been trying multiple solutions around Internet, mess up with my HID driver, USB driver. Also try to plug the mouse to all of my PC's USB port and end up non of those can help.
I've installed, uninstalled and reinstalled Corsair Link 4 and iCUE from Corsair download page for couple of times.
And the problem still present. This really driving me nuts !

I feel like Windows take 5-10 seconds to rerecognize the mouse, or the mouse just take its time to decide with driver suit it to work, I don't know !

Please help me, and sorry for my bad English !



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