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Mouse and Keyboard not working during Windows login screen.


Dec 15, 2016
I recently switched to a new motherboard which caused compatibility issues with my old HDD. After installing a new OS on a new HDD, I was able to fix and be able to boot to my old HDD with my old OS. The problem now is that the USB drivers seem to be all messed up so now my keyboard and mouse are unresponsive once I reach the login screen after boot. I've disabled USB legacy support and XHCI hand-off and plugging in to all the other USB slots but the problem still persists. I tried to also fix it using the Windows Installation disc but my mouse and keyboard don't work on there too. It only works if I boot to my new OS on the new HDD.

One solution I was thinking of is that I try to install the USB drivers that came with the motherboard disc although I'm unsure how I would go about it.

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