Question Mouse Cursor freezes completely only when tabbed into specific applications.


Jan 15, 2017
Just today a new hard drive I ordered online arrived and I installed quickly and without issue in terms of hardware or software. When I went to reinstall and move files from my old hard drive to the new one (games, pictures, game launchers), with my OS already on a separate NVME drive. the progress was very smooth. I noticed a problem right after I completed the transfers. On certain applications, the second they launch up, I am completely unable to move my mouse cursor. I issue starts the second the application launches, and ends the second I force quit the application. The applications I've seen so far that have this issue are Spotify, the launcher, and the YouTube website ONLY when on a video link. I've tested over 30 applications and none besides those three have the issue. I've tried updating my mouse drivers, re-installing drivers, and computer restarts with no avail. Could it be a problem with the system, or with the mouse somehow?

Edit: After using my computer a little more, I've discovered that the mouse also freezes completely when any video is being played on any browser.

Edit #2: After messing around a little more, I've learned that whenever an applications plays video (or maybe audio) my cursor freezes.
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