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Jan 20, 2018
Hey, so my problem is my mouse keeps disconnecting, It happened with my old mouse I had for 2 years and I made sure it wasn't a usb problem so i plugged into a new computer and it didn't work also. I decided to cut my losses and get a new mouse which of course, worked for 2 weeks.

During a game when I was flicking up it stopped for about a millisecond but it was noticeable though, I didn't think much of it until couple hours of gaming after It started doing longer disconnects until eventually became unusable for gameplay. I'm really at awe because this is a new mouse and I feel like if i get a new one it would do the same thing.

I discussed this problem with a friend and he came up with a solution saying it was because I hit my mouse on my monitor stands repeatedly causing the wire to not work as well. But if that was the case for my old mouse, Why would it happen after two years?

I also came up with another theory was because I recently lowered my dpi causing me to move my mouse faster and causing the wire to run into objects on my desk faster. I was also thinking that it might be the cable management behind my desk.

The solution we came up with was to get a mouse bungee and make sure my wire doesn't hit anything at all. My fear is that if I do get another mouse and a mouse bungee there will still be a problem with it. My question is could it be something else other than the cord possibly?

Here's a video:
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Likely you will just overpower any bungee constraints, force it more, and run into things all the harder....

Consider a wireless mouse.

And then keep the mouse "pad" area (i.e. the area shown to the right of you monitor clear of anything you could run the mouse into.