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Dec 3, 2019
Hey all..

I read in a post from 2 years ago where a mod indicated that mouse dpi is best correlated to screen resolution

I have looked everywhere for more information about this.. Most gaming coaches dont seem to know why exactly but the pros all use 400 or 800 so use that...

I would like a little more information to better customize my sens.

Currently i have these pieces of information to clarify validity

1.First.. Is a youtube video by a user BananaGaming where he tests 16000 dpi at 784 edpi and he tests 100 dpi at 784 edpi

In the test we notice that at 100 dpi.. You can essentially see the cursor move each of the 100 "dots" within an inch

Does this signify that the higher dpi will have more information to the point of... Resolution? So 1080 dpi would be the best for 1080p resolution?

2. Ive heard that dpi is equated as such
800 dpi is sending 800 commands per second to your computer

400 is sending 400 etc.

3. If 1 and 2 are correct , then wouldnt the optimal dpi be
Polling Rate - (number of mouse inputs avg per second)?

So with mice polling rates being 1000hz best dpi is between 975 to 995?

How rediculous do i sound because my feedback hasnt been all the best

I realize or assume that most of these differences are only relevant in long range battles or higher resolutions maybe?

But i wanna be good.

Thanks in advance.
dpi and poling rates arent same
dpi is just display per inch ie how much movement u need to do with your hand to go from left corner of your screen to right corner (moving mouse cursor on desktop)
bigger resolution here means: smaller cursor, more pixels to go to, thus slow poke mouse on low dpi
so its more or less for mouse pointer speed movement accuracy

as for shouldnt matter there, most games dont use cursor (startegies maybe)


Mouse settings depend on what you are doing with it, lower DPI means mouse moves less on the screen per given motion on the desk. If you are trying to be accurate with the cursor, you want lower dpi, if you want mouse to move faster across the screen use higher. DPI is not how many commands are being sent to the computer. There are mice made for FPS games that have a "sniper" button that temporally lower dpi on the mouse to allow for more fine aiming, if that helps you. There is no single best DPI setting for everyone and for every game. For example everyone in my family that plays games hates how high of a DPI my mouse is set to, but I like not having to move my wrist far, and I have gotten the hang of using small motions to move the mouse. My son likes a lower DPI and when I try his settings I have to move my hand around a lot more than I like. Use that feels good to you. Adjust things a bit, if that feels better, use that. Adjust again, if better, use that, etc.. It's like an eye test.
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1. The same edpi will act the same on the pc. You're just wasting the extra dpi with a lower sensitivity. Dpi is the res the mouse sensor can see. If a mouse has a higher dpi, the dots it sees are smaller and a smaller movement is needed for the mouse to see that the dot has moved. You don't need to match dpi and screen res because you aren't limited to 1 inch movements. You move in as small increments as your hand can move. What dpi mouse and edpi you want to set is all a personal preference.

2. That's polling rate which is why it's in hz.

3. How high res the mouse can see and how often the info is sent is not connected in any way. You want your movement to be sent to the pc asap to not have any delay in your actions.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned is if the mouse sensor can even see fast movements. 1000hz means nothing if the sensor can't even see if you moved too fast for it. Also like any other gaming hardware, marketing will try to fool you. Specs are not regulated and are often fake or artificial tests that don't work in the real world. Just like with cameras, you can have a 20 megapixel camera and it will look worse than a 5 megapixel camera. A high dpi mouse sensor may not see better than a lower one.