Question Mouse Feels Heavy/Delayed (NOTE: Not always been like this)

Oct 16, 2020
It started happening about 5 months ago, my aim doesn't feel precise, it is more noticeable in fps games such as csgo and valorant.

It has always been hard to explain to people, other than my aim feels delayed, not just aim also my mouse cursor feels delayed, like I am playing with Permanent Vsync on 24/7...

It really makes me upset because before, I could hit all the easiest shots in Counterstrike, but now I cant hit a point and click shot, because my mouse will automatically over aim or start lagging, or just my aim feels like I'm dragging my mouse on Mud.
Problem IS I don't know the problem or the Cause for this feeling.

Things I've done to TRY and fix it:

  • Update windows
  • Update Nvidia Drivers
  • Update the Bios
  • Change mice, I've bought 3 different mice in the past 5 months, (Glorious Model D, Logitech G305, and even the Razer Viper)
  • Buy an SSD
  • Buy more RAM
  • Reinstall windows 3 times
  • Change positions / Change wall outlets thinking it was an electrical issue.
  • Change ethernet ports and Cables.
  • Change monitor Display Cables (First HDMI, then DP 1.2)
  • Wash my Mousepad
  • Install new thermal Paste(Which helped temps but didn't fix)
I really wish I could figure out a cheap fix, without having to buy and build a brand new Gaming PC.

Windows 10 Professional
Intel i5-3470 (Stock Cooler)
16GB DDR3 1600Mhz
500GB Sata SSD
GTX 1050TI
Generic 320W PSU
Motherboard: Hewlett Packard 2013 Bios Update)

Please and thank you :)


My first thought is that generic 320Watt PSU. (What make and model? Anything written on the case?)

The PSU may no longer be up to supporting your computer's wattage requirements.

May have originally been able to do so but just at some marginal/threshold value.

Now, over time (5 months) the PSU has degraded (especially if heavily used at peak wattage) to where it is nearing possible EOL (End of Life). Perhaps prematurely....

Do you have access to another PSU to install and test with?