Question Mouse Freeze for Few Seconds Frequently

Oct 3, 2019
I have an issue now for months and I cant solve it.
The issue is that the mouse would stop moving for few seconds while i can still use right & left clicks and wheel but mouse still not responding to movement and then it would move again. Happens sometime frequently.

I have tried a lot of recommended solution and none has solved the issue.

The things i tried:
  • Changed mouse.
  • Changed USB port.
  • Changed pad.
  • Uninstall the driver of mouse pointer.
  • Uninstall razer synapse.
  • Updated everything from windows.
  • Updated everything from Driver Easy.
  • Unchecked Enhance pointer precision feature.
  • Unchecked "Automatically manage paging file size".
  • Updated Bios.
  • Disabled anti virus.
  • Installed Chipset from MotherBoard site.
2 Weeks ago:
  • Replaced my CPU to i9-9700
  • Replaced my GPU to 2080 Ti
  • Changed Mother Board from Ausu to Asus XI.
  • Replaced Case.
  • Added 1 SSD to be new operating for windows, removed 1 HDD, and kept 2 old SSD. I also kept the 16 GB ram and power supply (I think its 700 watts).
  • Installed a good cooling system.
  • New Windows 10 pro installation (I noticed the mouse start acting strangely once I tried to activate windows, but it return to normal after few update).
The problem showed again even when i changed most of equipment and format system. Tried most of above points but didn't help.

I also notice that it usually happens when the PC is processing something heavy (I could be wrong). Also usually after few hours of using PC, and after it start happening, the restart will not solve issue.

This problem is very annoying for working, playing or just browsing, and it seems I cant remove it.

Hope someone can help on the matter and thanks on advance.
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