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Question mouse freeze

Nov 26, 2019
Hey Community
i hope someone could help me

i got a new mouce a new Logitech G102 the 1st day i use it the windows crush and give me bleu screen but after that everything works fine
but the problem is sometimes and occassionally, mouse and keyboard simultaneously freeze. The image keeps moving (e.g. mouse cursor is showing loading, or browser tab shows loading i can see the film; hear the music ), but I cannot move/use either.

i play with the mouse 800dpi its work perfectly this freeze happens ' """ the lights keep turning on off on off so fast """o after time its freeze every hub in pc ,, ( but the pc still work )
and the only way to get back normal its by rebooting the ssystem
is that mean the mouse its failing? somehow? or what is that mean,???
thanks for help

my spec

CPU: i7 3770
GPU:GTX 1050ti
Mobo : asrock h61m-vg4
Ram : 8Go x 2
PSU: 300w FSP
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