Question Mouse Freezing in FPS games


Jun 12, 2013
Hello all, recently I upgraded my CPU, MOBO and Memory. After this upgrade I noticed that in FPS games, if Im running or moving with my keyboard, the moment I go to touch my mouse it can freeze for 2 to 6 seconds, and then will suddenly register that I am moving it. Its been so bad recently that sometimes I dont even want to play.

Recently I got pissed off and decided to switch out my mouse.

My mouse, Razer Mamba Elite, I switched out for my laptop mouse a Logitech G Pro. The moment I connected it. and downloaded the software, I could immediately tell it felt better. No more freezing, smoother both in and out of games. It was great and suspected it was a hardware issue with my other mouse.

Then, about a day or so ago, it started happening again. Same bullshit. With the mouse switched out. I could tell the cursor didnt feel as smooth, and noticed suddenly in game, that same freezing issue was occurring.

I honestly dont know what to do. With my razer mouse, the first one, I uninstalled it from device manager and reinstalled it multiple times, uninstalled razer synapse and all razer software, I made sure that the computer isnt going to put the device to sleep through the device manager settings, mouse properties. I checked mouse settings several times, nothing ever.... ever fixed it.

I thought switching the mouse out would fix it, and it did at first, but then, just randomly turning on my computer, the issue is occurring again with a totally different mouse which was working fine before on my laptop.

I hope someone can help me cause I cannot play with this BS happening. SO many times in games, I go and try to aim after sprinting and my mouse will freeze and Ill die, or itll freeze for a second and then spasm out and spin around two times in a second.

The components that were upgraded were the CPU to a Ryzen 3800X, a ASUS TUF Gaming X570, and 16gb 3600mhz G Skill memory.

This only started occurring after upgrading those components. And when I did I reinstalled windows.

I am hoping that reinstalling windows isnt my only option to fix this issue.

Also all mice have there drivers up to date.