Jan 7, 2019
Hello people of Tom's Hardware.
This is my last try at fixing this issue that is ruining my competitive gaming experience. now i have tried literally almost everything and still am not sure where the issue lies.

My issue is that there is input lag or somethinge. simple as that. doesnt feeone to one at all. And thats the feeling im seeking. that responsive feeling of a normal mouse. It is like this 100% of the time. not like at some times but a 100% of the time both on desktop with nothing running ;)

My best guess is some usb conflicts or something like that. lets see what your guesses are :)

I have tried:
different mouse on this pc
this mouse on working pc
different mouse pads and tables as surface to this mouse
completely reset my pc to factory default
DDU in safe mode
tried a different gpu on this pc
Tried different usb holes
changed all the settings people have suggested like pointer precision and all the basic stuff like that.
turned on and off game mode in settings
turned off cortana
updated all drivers i possibly can
Repositioning my ram
changing ram mhz and timings (now they are on default)
looked through my bios (that are udated) to find something there.
tried another monitor
tried changing monitor refresh rate
different video ports
changed polling rate on mouse (1000hz now)
putting gpu in another slot
different keyboards turned off possible background programs, software programs and antivirusses that could give latency
having only the mouse plugged in
overclocked gpu
overclocked cpu
MarkC mouse thing
tried raw input in games and stuff like that
Checked temps all are fine and normal

I probably missed some stuff but i think the problem is a bit deeper that just a simple click.

GPU: GTX 1060 6gb
CPU: amd ryzen 5 2600
PSU: 500w 80+ gold be quiet! pure power 11
RAM: g.skill tridentz non rgb 16gb 3200mhz
MOTHERBOARD: AsRock b450m pro 4
OS: windows 10 64bit
SSD (windows on this): Kingston a400 240gb
HDD (games and all stuff on this): wd blue 1tb 7200mhz

MOUSE: Logitech g pro wired
Keyboard: Corsair Strafe rgb (im not using the software)
Mousepad: logitech g640
Monitor: Asus vg248qe @ 144hz

Thanks for listening!
And thanks for the help