Question Mouse is not working in Windows or BIOS ?


Sep 11, 2021
Hey, so I am sorry If this is Not the right place For this question, but I didn't know where I should put it instead.

So I turned on my PC today, everything looked normal, but my mouse is not working correctly.

I can click the left and right Mouse Button, and it works fine, but I can't move the Cursor or even See it. GHub is saying that my GPro is inactive, don't know if that helps. Every other USB Device works fine (Wireless Corsair Headset, Keyboard etc).

The problem occurs in Windows 11 and 10, and in the BIOS.

I tried restarting the PC, Resetting CMOS, tried every USB Port, searched For Updates For mouse drivers and I tried multiple mice.

I tried my GPro Wireless in Wireless Mode as well in wired and a Model O (Wired) both mice worked fine on my Laptop.

Thanks For any answer :D


Win 10 Master
can you try mouse on a 3rd device? just to give more opinions on it.

if it doesn't work in BIOS, its not going to work in windows.
So how many mice did you try in PC?

it seems very specific. Have you tried using an Ubuntu Live usb and see if it works there I don't know enough about bios to know how it recognizes different USB devices.

what make/model motherboard?