Dec 9, 2017
I have had this issue with 3 different mice now and im not sure whats causing it. Randomly when using my PC, the right click context menu will just pop up and if I ever try click anything normally, the right click menu comes up. I dont even have to be using my mouse, I can be hands off completely and the context menu will come up and most of the time it refuses to go away unless i press escape on my keyboard.

This is on and off and happens randomly but atleast once every 5 minutes. Also, sometimes the hold middle mouse to scroll feature just wont work, it'll pop up and instantly turn off. I've tried reinstalling mouse drivers and like i said this is the 3rd mouse in 2 days with this issue.

If anyone has any ideas id appreciate the help.

Mice used so far
Logitech G703
Logitech GPRO
Razer Viper Ultimate

Downloaded Ghub for logitech mice and razer synapse. All drivers came from here.
I have uninstalled these programs completely and the issue is still there.

System specs:
Windows 10 pro
i9 9900k
32gb ram
2tb samsung 970 ssd
asus prime z370-a mobo

I've googled this issue and cant find anything similar to whats going on here.
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Do you play computer games or use software that allows keyboard and mouse customizations?

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Makes and models of the mice to date?

Noted that you updated the mouse drivers: where did you get the drivers?

Skip any automatic updates via software.

Go directly to the applicable mouse manufacturer's website to find, download, reinstall, and reconfigure the mouse drivers.

Take a look in Task Manager -Startup. Look for some unrecognized application being launched and running. It could be buggy or corrupted and trying to do things.

See what you can find and google any suspect software to find out what it is and what it does.


Dec 9, 2017
Just updated with the info, its so strange, it doesnt happen in games only on the desktop.

I also just reset my pc and removed all the files, it was fine for 15 minutes then the issue came straight back.