Question Mouse issue

May 20, 2021
Was playing an FPS game and decided to change around mouse settings to enhance my performance however i've done the complete opposite and now feel like there's a problem with my mouse. I turned off enhance pointer precision in the advanced mouse options as it was recommended to get as accurate movements as possible. Ever since my mouse on other games and in general just feels very sluggish and jittery. I've practised trying to move it from one part to the other and it just feels all over the place, not precise at all. almost like deadzone in a video game being up really high just to move the mouse ever so slightly. It definitely isn't natural and i dont know what i've done. I turned back on enhance pointer precision but that hasn't seemed to fix it.
you don't mention the mouse in question or what version of what OS you are using.

you can try just removing the mouse's drivers, restarting, and letting the OS reinstall it's default package.

if you're using mouse manufacturer proprietary software;
replace current settings with defaults, uninstall all related software, restart, then reinstall.

you can also load a backup\perform a system restore to a point before the changes were made.